Dyslexic Not Stupid

10 things about Dyslexics every person should know.

1. Dyslexia is common common common (we can't stress this enough)
it's suggested as 1 in every 10 people in the UK have some form of Dyslexia.
2. Its a specific learning difference, which means it basically occurs with certain abilities you will use when learning such as reading and writing.
3. Unlike a learning disability, your intelligence isn't affected and so it can often be referred to as a learning difficulty or learning difference.  
More recently those with Dyslexia are frequently referred to as neurodiverse.  Neurodiversity is a term which means that there are some differences between a person's neurological profile.
4.  Dyslexia can present its challenges on a day to day basis, we encourage those that are Dyslexic to seek support with there areas they struggle with the most such as reading and writing so that they are still given the opportunity to be successful in their life paths.
5. Dyslexics often show signs of the following, 
Slow reading speed
Confuses the letters in words
Puts letters the wrong way around
Can understand verbal instructions but may struggle with written or vice versa
May find it hard to carry out a sequence task
May struggle with planning and organisation
May struggle with short term memory
6. Dyslexics are often known to be amazing at problem-solving or being creative
7. The exact cause of Dyslexia is unknown, but it has been linked back to families, this means you could have other members in your family struggling with Dyslexia too. 
It's suggested that it could be linked to your parent's genes and the way they act towards one another that affects the brains development during very early life.
8.  Those with Dyslexia can find it hard to identify the sounds of words to related them back to letters
9. Did you know your employer is required to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace for people with Dyslexia?
10. Lastly, some of the greatest minds of this world are dyslexic, some of the most talented people and well-respected people to ever walk this planet are too. We ask that you lean into your greatness along with 
Tom Cruise. Actor
Whoopi Goldberg. Actress
Orlando Bloom. Actor
Keira Knightley. Actress
Steven Spielberg. Director
Magic Johnson. Basketball Player
Leonardo da Vinci, Scientist
Steven Jobs. Inventor
Steve McQueen, Writer
Jennifer Aniston, Actress
Muhammad Ali, Boxer
and so many more