What next?

We have a lot of questions about what are the next steps once booking a screening service with us here at the Diverse Creative CIC, in full transparency the decision is entirely yours and we like to take a little more of a custom approach with our clients, so we can provide the very best support or guidance on a case by case circumstance.


We are happy to get you booked in for a consultation to see which are the best options available for you or your child.

We are happy to refer you to have a specialist dyslexia assessment completed.

If your still not sure, why not take a look at our services page.

You can indeed also take your screening report to your school or employer and ask for additional support. 

We love the fact that our screenings are able to show exactly the areas that your child or yourself may need a little more TLC and this is not exclusive to only those who think they may be dyslexic, but every person that would like to understand their learning profile, we think this should be a standard available for all schools and Employers.

If you have any questions please send us an email info@thediversecreative.org