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Support Group

The Homecoming Project 

The Homecoming Project is a one of a kind experience for Lambeth's residents aged 18-45 with a long-term disability. The programme focuses on providing support, reports and access to an online community. 

Our Services

We offer screening for Dyslexia and ADHD Dyslexia


Assessments for both adults & children.

We also offer consultations, coaching packages and bespoke solutions for organisations and individuals.

Laboratory Scientist

About Us

Our purpose is to help rebuild confidence and provide solutions to those that have suffered in silence with their learning disabilities. We want to create ripples of change by empowering the people of the local communities and organisations. Those that have had to remain silent, when their contributions could help to create and secure futures for others that have been outcasted, fired or deemed as stupid because their disability is not in a visual form. The Diverse Creative Cic, we work to end discrimination locally and globally for dyslexics and we want you to join us.