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We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity and access to help reach their full potential -  regardless of any disability they may have

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Our Services

Currently, our programmes include:

  • Screening services: We offer Dyslexia and ADHD screening services which enable people to request ‘Access to Work’ support and reasonable adjustments in current places of work.

  • Education: Financial literacy, education and support for Black women to cultivate a good relationship with money therefore breaking generational wealth gaps, training for organisations.

  • Entrepreneurship: Providing practical support, coaching and mentoring to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities where traditional employment isn’t a viable option, either by experience or choice.

  • Community: Convening and holding hybrid community spaces for people to provide support and learning while navigating the world as Disabled people. 


Although our work supports the Disabled community at large, we prioritise Disabled people who are racialised, in recognition of the fact that we face multiple intersecting marginalisations that are often unaddressed.

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About Us

Who are we?

The Diverse Creative CIC (TDC) is a community interest company founded in 2017 to support disabled people in accessing relevant skills training, disability assessments, business and personal finance programmes, disability screenings, coaching, and other modes of support to succeed economically and socially. We also offer bespoke training and support services for organisations that are taking steps to change the narrative. 

Our company is based on the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity and access to help reach their full potential -  regardless of any disability they may have. Our company strives to end the stigma around disability by raising awareness within local communities and organisations and creating inclusive spaces which nurture empowerment and strength. TDC offers various services that provide disabled people with the resources and tools they need to succeed, and organisations ready to commit to long-term change. TDC is committed to demonstrating how inclusive culture is integral to a progressive society. 


What are our aims?

The Diverse Creative aims to deliver efficient, effective solutions and support for those that identify as Disabled to move towards financial security. 


What do we do?

Our programmes are designed to address the marginalisation that Disabled people face within current systems and structures of employment, entrepreneurship and barriers to financial wellbeing. Our approach is multifaceted and at different levels, reflecting the needs of people wherever in life they might be.

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