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What the Programme Includes

Group Seflie

Are you disabled but have always wanted to start your own business?

Do you have a business idea that could be the next big thing? 

Do you find yourself questioning whether you’re getting paid enough for all the value you bring?

Working Together

Well, you’re not alone…

Entrepreneurship and self-employment can be a valuable and viable option for people with disabilities looking to enter the job market on their own terms. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with disabilities are self-employed at a rate nearly twice that of their non-disabled peers. As of the 2019 American Community Survey, approximately 700,000 workers with disabilities were self-employed, enjoying the flexibility and opportunities that entrepreneurship provides.


The 12 Week Business Bootcamp for disabled entrepreneurs will help you to develop and prepare to launch your own business.

Our 12 Week Disability Entrepreneur Bootcamp has been designed by disabled people for disabled people. It will be fun, interactive and most importantly get you to a point where you feel comfortable launching that idea or business concept that’s been spinning around in your mind for a long time.

Each week, we will be hosting an online live event to deep dive into topics that will help shape your business ideas, so you can share your experiences and cultivate community with fellow disabled entrepreneurs.

In addition to our panel events, there will also be group drop-in sessions that focus on answering questions about your business such as marketing, finance, legal issues or entrepreneurship in general.

We don't want these sessions to be boring - so each session is designed to make you think about the issue at hand in the most engaging and accessible way.

We are looking for people who want to learn how to use their disability as an advantage when starting their own business or becoming more successful within their existing one.

Join us if: You have an idea that you need support refining and you'd like feedback from others on a similar journey, If you are already running your own business or have been thinking about it recently and would like to take some action from a programme that truly considers the world via your lens. This programme is for you. Register your interest by clicking below:

12  WEEK Business Bootcamp for disabled entrepreneurs 


This will be a hybrid model of support, including:

  • 12 weeks of support within the community for you to ask questions and explore your idea.

  • An online support group in our online community

  • A library of resources

  • Group mentoring sessions

  • Live Q+A sessions to ask your burning questions and hear feedback from your peers

  • Replays of training sessions 

  • The opportunity to learn what technology can support you on your journey as a disabled entrepreneur

Programme Format


The programme will be delivered in a virtual format.


All sessions will be recorded and will be accessible throughout the duration of the programme.


All delivery partners have been hand-selected to support the needs of the cohort and all live sessions will be supported by a Disability Coach. 

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