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Women Colleagues

The Homecoming Project

We offered career and confidence coaching, learning profile reports for each participant, six weeks of career training with experts, and an online community for London residents seeking work or employment with a who identified as black with a long-term disability. Unfortunately, this programme is closed as of May 2022, and we no longer accept applications.

Sponsored by

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What the Programme Included

Classmates in Library


Six relevant training sessions with community experts.


Psychometric testing, dyslexia screening & high-touch support.


6 months of post-programme online community access. 


Work with disability, confidence, and career coaches.


Access to qualitative data on employees with disabilities.


Access to additional tools, resources and master classes.

Contruction Engineer

Programme Foundation

The Homecoming Project is a one of a kind experience for Lambeth's residents aged 18-45 with a long-term disability. The programme has been curated to reinforce the importance of self-value, confidence and a positive career trajectory that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience within the scope of their careers.

The foundation of the Homecoming Programme has been built on lived experience, local research, cultural nuances, guided by community member experts and supported by those who have been pinned with similar labels when seeking the kind of employment that speaks to an individuals strengths and career aspirations.

Take the Next Step


Is the programme right for me?

The programme is designed for black professionals with long term disabilities living within Lambeth Borough

Will I have to pay?

The Homecoming Project, run by The Diverse Creative, is a funded and sponsored programme, therefore requiring no payment.

What happens next?

Use the Apply Now button below to fill out our programme application form. A team member will then be in touch.

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